Soon, ambulance near six accident-prone Lucknow crossings

Lucknow : In a step aimed at making Lucknow roads safer, the Uttar Pradesh chief minister’s office (CMO) has directed the health department to deploy ambulances near six crossings that were deemed accident-prone in a recent report on road safety brought out by the regional transport office (RTO).

According to the report, from 2015 to 2017, as many as 55 people died in road mishaps at Utrethiya Bridge, Harauni, Pakri Bridge, Latif Nagar, IIM and Samta Mulak crossings. In addition, 81 people were injured seriously in accidents at these locations.

Officials said the directions from the CMO came last week. Confirming the development, chief medical officer of Lucknow, Narendra Agarwal, said on Tuesday, “I have notified the officials concerned to ensure the presence of an ambulance near each of these crossings round-the-clock.” Officials said the deployment will take place by the end of week. The RTO report mentioned that these crossings did not have the scope of being widened and suggested deploying ambulances nearby to facilitate prompt medical aid.

“Considering the number of fatalities, these crossings were marked as black spots,” read a part of the report that was approved by the additional regional transport officer (ARTO), enforcement, before it was sent to the CMO.

“The report was formulated following a detailed review of 22 crossings in the city. Officials from our department along with the traffic police carried out the review,” said AK Singh, regional transport officer.The report also specified the reasons that led to accidents at these locations. It said that the maximum number of fatalities occurred at the Utrethiya Bridge Crossing, where 21 people lost their lives in the period mentioned. “The primary reason of mishaps was found to be overtaking and rash driving, which was caused by lack of speed breakers near the crossing,” said Singh, adding that measures were being taken to make these locations safer, such as, installing speed breakers and having more one-way roads.

It is to be noted that the health department has already deployed 62 ambulances across the city to manage road accident emergencies. However, these ambulances have not been deployed in particularly accident-prone areas.