Driver transports firewood in ambulance, suspended

Doda : In a shocking incident, an ambulance was used by the driver to transport firewood in Bhaderwah, where poor patients struggle to get medical facilities.

The incident came to light after a viral video showed some persons unloading firewood from an ambulance in Bhaderwah. The health department later took action against the ambulance driver and suspended him.

Dr Hamid Zarger, Block Medical Officer, Bhaderwah, claimed: “We have suspended ambulance driver Shah Nawaz for using the vehicle to transport firewood for his personal use.”

“We got to know about the incident on Wednesday when the ambulance driver had returned from Thanala after dropping a pregnant woman. He then loaded firewood onto the ambulance for personal use. We have suspended the driver and also attached him with the office of the Chief Medical Officer,” Hamid said.

A senior health official said: “The hospital authorities expected the driver to be responsible and ensure that the ambulance was not misused.”

“The driver’s suspension is just an eyewash because the government machinery is being misused by all departments in Doda, which is unfortunate,” alleged Ishtaq Ahmed, a social activist.